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July 29th 2019

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN-Amped4Life –Pat Buckley
Pat Buckley was invited to speak to three senior year groups at St Andrew’s College. His presentation on making wise choices in life, and the uniqueness of every student, was powerful and well received by our students. Pat speaks with raw honesty, weaving an uncompromising message about making good decisions with his own life story. He is passionate about helping young people and sowing seeds in their lives as they navigate adolescence, and we are looking forward to having him back in the future.

John Ruge
Head of Senior College
St Andrew’s College, Christchurch

~ St Andrews College

21 /01/2019

To whom it may concern, Re Amped4Life Health & Safety /Drug and Alcohol Presentation

Pat, please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you made to the team at Sanford, not only interesting, riveting and certainly thought-provoking.

We appreciate you sharing your own personal experiences. Seeing the positive impact your story will have on others will be incredibly rewarding.


Gail Swanepoel-Health & Safety Advisor // Dip.OSH, Grad.NZISM

DDI M +64 (27) 529 7209

E GSwanepoel@sanford.co.nz

~ Sanford Ltd

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Rotary Youth Programme Of Enrichment - Rotorua

December 12th 2018

To Whom It May Concern- re Pat Buckley Amped4Life program

Each year we work hard to put together a compelling and engaging weekend camp for Year 10 Students.
We strive to deliver a programme that educates, and develops leadership skills within these students.
It is essential that we book Pat, Amped4Life, as an integral part of this delivery.

Pat brings with him a knowledge and understanding that you can’t rent for a few hours…

Pat has lived, seen, heard, experienced and learned from so much, that he has fine-tuned a deliverable, thought provoking presentation.

Our feedback from students always contains generous, positive message about Pats programme, and we thank him for that.

Engaging, funny, relevant and direct.

We would definitely recommend Amped4Life and look forward to having Pat again with us next year.

Richard Fullard
Co-Ordinator RYPEN 2018

~ RYPEN - Rotary Club District 9930

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23rd November 2018

To whom it may concern

RE Pat Buckley Amped4Life Presentation

As part of NZ Rugby’s commitment to developing players both on and off the field, we take every opportunity to deliver holistic learning experiences inside our rugby programmes.

Late last year we were privileged to invite Pat to speak at the innaugral Red Bull Ignite 7s event at The Trust Stadium in Auckland on November 23rd, 2018 to educate through personal story on the inherent risks and adverse impacts of alcohol and drug use.

Pat delivered a professional and relevant presentation well suited to an audience of 16-24 year olds. His ability to speak with authenticity and unguarded vulnerability communicated a message loaded with truth and a high degree of care. For such a sensitive subject, Pat’s messaging was both poignant and powerful. Thank you Pat for sharing such a personal story intended to move young people towards making better decisions.

We know your message impacted people, as demonstrated by the number of players and staff who thanked you personally after your presentation.

Nga manaakitanga,
Huia Paul

Education Advisor
| +64 21 064 6622

~ NZRU Testimonial

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June 13th 2018

Re -Amped4Life -Pat Buckley

Pat and Amped4Life visited us at Tauranga Boys’ College on June 13th 2018 after being invited to speak to a select group of year 12 students.
The experience was invaluable to these boys and there was a lot of good discussion that surfaced in the days that followed too, evidence that what they had heard and seen from Pat was being properly digested.

There was too, a lot of direct feedback from the students involved that they had learned a lot with many new discoveries along with greater clarity and understanding around the direct use of drugs and the peripheral effects.

We are often fooled into believing that all our boys are ‘worldly’ or ‘streetwise’ and that they somehow get all the information they need by either generic government or school advice and or pamphlets. This is simply untrue.

These boys that had the privilege of a 2 hour session with Pat were left thinking, considering, debating openly and realising the direct harm that drugs do along with the possible life long implications of even temporary involvement. Some acknowledged that they knew of friends that were ‘dabbling’ and were keen to share what they had learned when the opportunity presents. Most openly acknowledged that this session had changed their views on drugs and drug use.

I had asked Pat to deliver a no nonsense ‘gloves off’ session to these boys and I believe he met the brief perfectly with these boys. He has a real credibility about him and an ability to relate at the appropriate level and in the right contexts.

I sincerely hope to make Pat’s presentation an annual event for the students of this age group as I believe he achieves a real connection and imparts real information that will stay with these boys.

Pat Buckley is authentic, knowledgable, motivated and cares deeply about the importance of the message he carries and this is what comes across so clearly when you hear what he has to say. It is so important that our young adults get to experience him and hear him.

Colin Lawrence,
TIC Engineering
Tauranga Boys’ College

~ Tauranga Boys College - TBC

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September 18th 2018

It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for Pat Buckley and Amped4life. Pat has been a delivering his presentation to year 12 students at our school for the past 8 years.

His message is authentic and powerful, drawing from his own personal experiences he is able to relate to students and their current stage in life. By touching on issues such as drugs, alcohol, driving and relationships, Pat is able to connect his message with all young people and reinforce that idea that “what if changes nothing”

He empowers students to take control of their lives and the decisions that they make and highlights that all decisions have consequences they need to be prepared for.

Pat uses the power of story-telling to engage students in his message, making it very clear how one poor decision can change lives forever. He is confronting, honest and raw, which creates a long lasting impact on staff and students alike.

I highly recommend utilising Pat’s services, as his message is relevant to all young New Zealanders.

Toni Rinckes –HOD, Macleans College

~ Macleans College -September 2018

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September 2018

To whom it may concern

Last week Pat Buckley visited our school and spoke to our Year 9’s and 10’s and then later to our year 11’s, 12’s and 13’s. His one hour presentation covered a range of real life experiences that relate to many of our students. His presentation is relevant, dynamic and authentic. He shares a considerable amount is his personal life which our students could identify with. Pat’s message is direct and brutally honest and he has a great way of showing, not only the dangers out there, but also offering young people excellent strategies on how to deal with them.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Pat speak on two previous occasions and his presentation still had a powerful impact on me. He certainly caught my attention again and I know he had the same effect on our students, as the conversations about his presentation are still ongoing in our learning groups.

It was a real privilege for us to have Pat come all the way out to Whitianga to speak to our students. We cannot thank him enough. It is without hesitation that we recommend Pat to other schools and wish him well in all that he does.

Kind Regards

Jenny Bloom
Acting DP – Middle Years.

~ Mercury Bay Area School

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1 August 2018

I would like to thank Amped4Life & Pat Buckley for the powerful and timely presentation made to our Year 12 students today. The topics covered were very relevant to the lives of our students. The manner in which you get the message across is perhaps the most impressive part of the presentation as it feels as if the message is fresh and delivered with absolute conviction, passion and love.

You conveyed a personal message to those students today – a clear message that they are loved, that they have a future and they have the ability to make change and positive choices in an element of their lives moving forward.

We look forward to having you back

Hans Uivel

HOF Physical Education and Health
Hillcrest High School

~ Hillcrest High School Hamilton-August 2018

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Amped4Life Trust

To whom it may concern-re Amped4Life-Life skills/Drug Awareness Presentation

Pat presented a one-hour Amped4Life presentation to 500 of our Year 10 student in early May this year. His message was hard hitting and kept the whole assembly engaged for the entire talk. Pat combined visual aids, film and music in a way that the students could relate to.

The talk was full of energy and strong feeling and provided a fresh change from normal, day-to-day assembly messages! The theme of making positive changes ran throughout the talk and Pat was able to apply this to a number of real-life scenarios that he witnessed or experienced.

It was the personal nature of the talk that really hit home for our students. Pat’s work ties in closely with themes of the Health curriculum - Amped4Life is a great option for any school seeking to provide an authentic voice for students to hear and connect with’.

Tom Murdoch | Deputy Principal
Ph.: +64 9 846 2044 xtn 8224
Alberton Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025

~ Mount Albert Grammar School-May 2018

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To Whom it may concern -Pat Buckley-Amped4Life

I am writing this testimonial in support of Pat Buckley (Amped4Life) and the amazing presentation that he recently delivered to our Year 12 and 13 students. Pat spoke about the impact choices and decisions can have on young people.

The skill that Pat displayed in delivering concepts such as drugs and alcohol and choosing friends wisely was exceptional.
His presentation hits home, a different message, new stories to share but what is most important is that it is real for these teenagers.

We are very fortunate that Pat is willing to share so much of his private life. This means that the students instantly make a connection and trust what he has to say. Pat achieves this in an open, friendly style but never shy away from the realities of what decisions our young people have to make and the impact this has on them and everyone else in their life.
I have no hesitation at all in recommending Pat Buckley (Amped4Life) as a motivational speaker to any intermediate school or high school. Pat is engaging and enthusiastic, but most importantly he has a crucial message that many of the students in our country need to hear.

Yours faithfully

Eric Wall Deputy Principal

~ Howick College-April 2018

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Pat Buckley from Amped4Life has had a close professional association with Tauranga Boys’ College for the past 20 years. During this time he has had a significantly positive impact on a wide range of students, either through the provision of individualized mentoring or by addressing groups. Such group presentations have involved speaking to students either as part of a Curriculum-based Programme or to larger assembled groups of students. Annually, Pat speaks to the whole of our Year 9 cohort as part of an ‘end of year’ Alternative Programme.

Pat’s presentations are always delivered with power and passion. The material he presents is relevant, appropriately targeted to his adolescent audience, well-paced and always carries a message that not only educates, but challenges students to make wise and well informed decisions.

Over the years, Pat has undoubtedly made a most significant impact on the way that our students relate to the issues that confront them, in respect to a range of issues facing our young people. Pat’s honest, ‘no holds barred’ approach, has opened our student’s eyes to the very real dangers associated with making inappropriate or poor decisions in life. It would be fair to say that the Tauranga Boys’ College community are very grateful for Pat’s input and therefore continue to appreciate the contributions he makes.

Brian Ebbett
Guidance Counsellor
Tauranga Boys’ College

22nd March, 2018

~ Tauranga Boys College- 22nd March 2018

1st December 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

Pat Buckley, from Amped4Life, came to talk to our Year 8 girls on 16th November and he had them fully engaged and attentive to his every word. His message was pertinent and to the point, relevant for young ladies heading into their teenage / adolescent years in our current society.

There was much discussion after his presentation and I know that a number of my students could absolutely relate to what Pat was sharing.
Once again, Pat delivered an inspiring and motivational presentation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to schools or institutions which have the well-being and best interest of their young people at heart.

Yours sincerely,
Ann O'Grady, Director of Religious Studies.

~ Holy Cross School Yr

Testimonial: Pat Buckley

To whom it may concern
Pat visited our school to talk to a group of 65 Year 9/10 students. He spoke about a range of subjects which was relevant to our students. His straightforward explanations and questioning certainly got the effect it deserved from the students and many went away wanting to know more about his experiences. His delivery was at the right level for the students and they were very engaged on what he was telling them. I would fully recommend that Pat gets around to see as many schools as possible so that students can be told about the effects substances can have on a person's life and their hauora.

Kind Regards,
Mick Butler, Teacher in Charge of Health and Dean of Yr 9/10.

We were fortunate to have Pat come in and present to our year 9/10 and year 11/13 cohorts this year. He was able to differentiate for the two groups without diluting the impact his dynamic, and authentic presentation had on our students. Pats delivery is hard hitting, heart felt and draws on his own experiences which captivated our students. His messages around decision making for adolescents, particularly around drugs, alcohol and electronic devices was current
and relevant to all adolescent students in New Zealand. A number of students hung around after the presentation to personally thank him for the message he delivered. While these topics are covered within our own health curriculum, the way he engages with the students and delivers
these messages as someone who has "lived these issues" can not be replicated in a classroom environment. I strongly endorse Amped for Life and Pat's presentation to add value to the education of our young people.

Kind Regards,
Marcus Cooper, Deputy Principal

~ Oxford Area School October 2017

To whom it may concern, It was our pleasure once again to have you present to our Year 9-13 students. Each year your presentation hits home, a different message, new stories to share but what is most important is that you are real for these teenagers.

We are very fortunate that you are willing to share so much of your private life. This means that the students instantly make a connection and trust what you have to say. You do this in an open, friendly style but never shy away from the realities of what decisions our young people have to make and the impact this has on them and everyone else in their life.

As educators, we deliver similar messages but never quite have the impact that you manage to create.

Thanks for treasuring our students and keep on doing the great work that you do. Yours sincerely


~ Katikati College 2017

To Whom it May Concern AMPED4LIFE
It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial for Pat Buckley of AMPED4LIFE.
Pat has worked in the school for a number of years to support our Year 8 Health Education Programme.
His presentations which cover a range of health issues and in particular "Keeping Yourself Safe", are always well constructed, relevant and delivered in such a way to make an impact with our emerging adolescents.
This year once again, many students articulated that Pat's presentation really made them think about choices they will make in the future. The students I have spoken to this year, also highly recommended the presentation for future generations of year 8's at our school.
As a school we see Pat's AMPED4LIFE programme as an integral component of our overall Health education at Otumoetai Intermediate School and one that has an impact on our students as they move forward into adolescence.
PRINCIPAL 27 July, 2016.

~ Otumoetai Intermediate School April 2017

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Brave Hearts NZ 29 Santa Barbara Drive Papamoa

27 February 2017
Brave Hearts NZ is a registered New Zealand charity that began in Tauranga in June 2016. Our aim is to support whanau with addicted family members and to advocate for more education about substance abuse in the community.
Pat Buckly, Amped4Life, is a local community service provider. He was instrumental in helping us to set up and was our first Guest Speaker. Pat is also speaking at a Seminar we have organised for 11 April. His presentation includes identifying the warning signs, the risk factors and tools for support addicts and families.
He has a professional and caring manner and Brave Hearts are proud to be associated with him and his many projects for Amped4Life.

Erin Scarlett Founder and Board Member Brave Hearts NZ

~ Brave Hearts NZ Feb 2017

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13 March 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Pat Buckley from Amped4Life was the visiting speaker for our Y 13 Christian Focus Day Retreat. He presented his ‘Choices have Consequences’ talk and intrigued the pupils with his real life illustrations of the principle that what you do has a ripple effect on others around you. His practical suggestions as to how to preserve one’s safety in compromising situations were of great value. Pupils loved the way Pat didn’t simply offer “don’t” platitudes, but showed them the danger and alternative ways of dealing with situations. Quotes from the pupil evaluation include: “He was so real life”; “It was a reality check”; and “Personal stories really hit home his points. I really enjoyed it.”

Pat’s talk on Drugs and Alcohol was also well received, and again there was information on what to do, as well as what not to do. Taking care of one’s friends was particularly appealing to this age group, even the non-drinkers: “Teaching first aid tips was useful, even for people who don’t drink”. Pupils liked the fact that they were ‘made to think’.

With a gritty style that pulls no punches- “Didn’t try to brush over stuff with fluff” - Pat engages his audience and causes them to think about situations they have been in, or may yet confront them. His openness and honesty were appealing to this group, as he drew on personal testimony and actual incidents he had faced as part of his discussion.

Pat’s presentation overall was authentic and pupils loved his candid approach. Staff appreciated the relevance and directness of his message and would have him back again in a heartbeat.

Anita Nielson
Curriculum Leader: Christian Studies
Middleton Grange School

~ Middleton Grange School Christchurch

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Monday, August 31, 2009.


I first became aware of the work of Pat Buckley and his trust, Amped4Life, earlier this year during the making of a documentary for TVNZ called “Chasing the Ghost.” This documentary explored the addictiveness and ravages of the drug “P,” or pure
methamphetamine, which has become a scourge upon New Zealand.

We filmed Pat speaking to a group of high school students. His message is about making the right choices in life, particularly in relation to “P,” alcohol and other drugs. I watched the students sit transfixed as Pat delivered his no-holds-barred, fast paced, tough address with a very graphic power-point presentation. Pat looks, sounds, and is, the real deal. The students knew it. Pat had them in the palm of his hand. I felt that day that Pat was one incredibly effective speaker and that the students will never forget his address. I have since arranged for Pat to speak to my son’s school in Havelock North. The effect on the students there was exactly the same as it was on the first occasion I saw him.

Pat is the kind of person we need needs to hammer into young people the terrible effects drugs and wrong choices can have on their lives. Pat himself made some terrible choices as a young man and has been drug and alcohol free for over fourteen years.

He is a good man who loves his family. I have no hesitation in recommending Pat Buckley as a guest speaker to every school in the country. All of your young people should see and hear Pat once. In fact, I think he should be compulsory.

~ Paul Holmes

Amped4Life Community Programmes - View

My enthusiasm for wanting our senior students to be included in this initiative is firstly, because of Pat Buckley who spoke here at school last year. Pat’s presentation was powerful and his stories about his experiences were frank and simply honest. His unique and stoic style of delivery captured each and every student, absorbed in the tales of Pat Buckley, who cleverly pulled some bones from his closet to convey a message and to make his listeners aware of the dangers they may very well be confronted with and how they can respond to those dangers. His ‘been there, done that’ and ‘you don’t wanna go there’ approach, seemed to hit the right note particularly those of our students who have their own stories to tell.Secondly, the reaction from our students to Pat’s presentation was heart warming. Without prompting, a senior student stood to thank the presenter for his delivery, whereupon the whole senior school erupted into haka as a token of their gratitude for the way in which Pat was able to deliver his message in such a meaningful manner.Thirdly, your organisation
‘Amped 4 Life’ is keeping it real and for a lot of our taiohi (young people) that’s the reality for them.
Näku noa nei, nä

~ Koa Douglas (Tumuaki Tiaki) - TE KURA O TE KOUTÜ-HE KURA KAUPAPA MAORI

Amped4Life School Programmes - View

Pat’s presentation was very powerful. It has been inspiring to see the progression and development that has occurred in his message over the past few years. Pat’s message relates well to students because he uses real life stories and his personal testimony to bring a powerful message on decision making within the teenage years. He encourages students to make wise choices and to understand that if they don’t make good decisions, there are consequences. He had our 600 Year 10 and 11 and Yr. 12 & 13 students rapt the entire time. I would highly recommend him to others.

I noticed from the presentation that students wanted to stay in the auditorium – not one student was quick to leave. Pat’s pace, tone and spoken communication were very appropriate and related well to senior students. I recommend him for future presentations within Secondary Schools. A very effective presentation including interesting visual images.


~ Bethlehem College


To whom it may concern

Pat Buckley delivered a strong personal message that held the attention of over 400 year 12 students for 45 minutes. The anti-substance abuse message was not preached but rather was based on fact and students were at no point told what to believe or what to do. The decision making was left to them. The message “it can happen to everyone” was central to the prevention.

Pat was open, spoke from the heart and his story would certainly have hit home to many of our Year 12 students.

Amped4Life, in making Pat Buckley available, is to be commended for making a very valuable contribution to the lives of young New Zealanders.

Those fortunate enough to hear him were certainly inspired to seek out a bright future in whatever field of endeavour they chose to pursue.

B R Farthing
Deputy Principal
Otumoetai College

~ Otumoetai College

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May 18th 2016
To whom it may concern re Pat Buckley-Amped4Life Presentation
Pat had a very clear and effective message to the students. The choices they make now, will have lifelong consequences. Pat used his personal story to highlight this. His delivery was very strong. He had our challenging students engaged throughout the duration of the presentation.
Jason Borland, HOD PE and Health
From the very first word of his presentation, Pat caught his audience’s attention and had them confined to the edge of their seats. He showed a lot of passion about what he was saying and quickly built up a good relationship with the students. He was honest and spoke from the heart; which was enthralled in a respectful manner from our students. His powerful words and life experiences about the effects of drugs and alcohol provided deep insight for our students. After the presentation, it was evident that students had learnt about the implications of abusing drugs and alcohol by the discussions happening in the classroom and playground. As a teacher I am grateful for a presenter like Pat for sharing his life experiences and the consequences that come with poor decision making. His words were truly inspiring and I know this will have an impact on our students.
Troy England-teacher (Papakura High School)
I attended the amped4life presentation with my junior class on Monday. I was so impressed that I have recommended to 3 other colleagues in other schools to request Pat to give the presentation at their institutions. After the talk I personally shook Pat’s hand and thanked him for such a frank, honest, inspirational talk. He connected with the students in a way that most can’t and delivered some of the most important messages that our young people need to hear. I would love to see Pat return to our school and reinforce his message with a whole series of lectures. An inspiration to teachers and students, I hope he can continue his important work forever more.
Annie Ryan - Head of Health
I was fortunate enough to see the presentation twice - once with the juniors and again with the seniors. It was such a vital presentation that covered so many social aspects that all our students face on a daily basis. He wasn't judgemental, he gave the facts and let the students make up their own minds. I saw year 10 girls in tears at the loss of life that he portrayed and senior boys shake his hand as they left and give their gratitude. Pat delivered the message in a manner fitting the audience and spoke differently to the differing age groups so the students related to him on every level. I know that even I went home and hugged my son that night and I've already downloaded the app that sends an auto text message for when you're driving!
Cheryl Mitchell, HOD Science

~ Papakura High School May 2016

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Re Pat Buckley
Amped4Life Schools program
To whom it may concern, Pat and Amped4Life came to speak to the Year 9 & 10 students last week at Mahurangi College. Straight away Pat created a safe and engaging environment where he set the students at ease to discuss some difficult ideas and topics. Pat gained the students confidence and they trusted him to lead them on a journey where they could question their own ideas around safe choices.
He used humour and storytelling to convey his message in a manner that the students didn’t feel that they were being lectured by and adult or told what to do. Our students were engaged throughout the hour long session and some even stayed behind to talk to Pat on a more personal level, might I add that this isn’t often the case when we get outside speakers into the school.
Overall it was a really useful experience for our students and Pat was able to give them something that couldn’t be done effectively within a school environment otherwise. It is something that we should keep built into a programme permanently.
Thank you very much for your time.
Jon Blyth
Assistant Principal
Mahurangi College

Re Pat Buckley-Amped4Life

Pat's messages about believing in yourself and thinking carefully about the decisions you make are just what this age group (Year 9) need to hear. The real life stories and connections to what it is like growing up with common pressures kiwi kids face helps our students relate and to reflect about their own lives.
Very worthwhile messages.

Christina Merrick-Assistant Principal
Mahurangi College

~ Mahurangi College April 2016

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To whom it may concern, Re Pat Buckley-Amped4Life

I am writing in support of Pat Buckley in respect to his work / involvement in Amped4life. I fully support any work Pat & Amped4Life do in our local community.
The Stellar Trust was initially established in Auckland by the East Auckland Rotary Club focussing upon the effect that methamphetamine was having upon our communities. I was a member of the advisory board for the Stellar Trust since inception along with many notable persons – Justice Simon Moore, Sir John Graham, Judge Peter Boshier, Burton Shipley and others. The Trust focussed its attention on getting the methamphetamine message out to the community and special emphasis was placed on the youth of New Zealand particularly in the 13 – 17 year age group. Unfortunately due to our own funding issues the Stellar Trust had to cease functioning last year.
In the early years we were fortunate to have funding provided which enabled us to hire the services of Pat Buckley who, on our behalf, spoke to a wide number of schools in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions about his own and others life experiences. The focus for the Stellar Trust was obviously on the message of methamphetamine but of necessity in getting the message across to the youth Pat spoke of other issues that face our youth. (drugs / alcohol / suicide / peer pressure etc)
Pat has addressed many school assemblies (private / public / single sex / co-ed) spreading the word about the pressures on youth, their choices and consequences, risks and how to set goals and has to my knowledge helped a large number of students seek help for themselves and others, or has provided the impetus to enable them to speak out about their own or others situations which had or potentially could have gone off the rails.
I attended a presentation by Pat given to Tauranga Boys High School in December 2012. I was extremely impressed with his method of delivery and interaction he had with the pupils. His message was powerful and thought provoking and well directed at the age group he was addressing. He has an obvious ability to get through to the youth and his personal experiences, which he shares freely and willingly, break down the barriers that others would face.
I believe that the youth of the Bay of Plenty are privileged to have someone like Pat who is prepared to help and guide them through the difficulties and challenges that we all know they face growing up - and providing them with real life examples of choices and consequences, rightly or wrongly taken and the message that they are not alone.
In my position I see the very real consequences of wrong choices, the effects of the drugs that permeate our society and the cost to all – loss of life, wasted opportunities, effects on family, mental health and hospital care amongst other things. Pat’s message covers all these and I firmly believe that the only way we can change these things is through education and the type of education that Pat provides.
I have seen a great many testimonials and letters written to the Stellar Trust about Pat following his presentations to schools up and down the Upper North Island and these are all in the same vein. He has helped a lot of people already and will continue to do so providing he has the financial ability to do so.
I fully endorse any work that he and Amped4Life do.


Bruce Good
Detective Inspector QSM

~ Bruce Good -Detective Inspector -OFCANZ

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To whom it may concern

Re: Pat Buckley and Amped4life

As Chair of the Stellar Trust I have worked closely with Pat over the past almost four years as we sought to educate young people about making good life choices, particularly with regard to drugs and especially Methamphetamine.
Pat was our main presenter over that time and we funded his speaking to around 170 schools and approximately 50,000 children. Through all of this work we never had any issues with Pat and the feedback we gained from the children at the schools demonstrated how successful we had been. One that comes to mind is a text from a young woman attending one of Auckland's top schools saying thanks for talking to us today Pat, I now understand what my mother is doing!
Pat has a unique ability to gain young people's confidence quickly and this makes his presentations so successful. He also has a special skill in delivering a hard message without it seeming like he is lecturing young people. His message about making good choices in life is broad enough to keep very high interest while still getting a message through that some would not want to hear.
Pat has already made a difference to many young people and I am sure that he will continue to make an impact in helping young people develop life skills. He chooses to work in an area that is challenging to say the least but he succeeds in meeting his goals.
I am very proud of the work the Stellar Trust has done to assist Pat and if I can do anything to assist Pat to deliver his message to the many young people in New Zealand who would benefit from hearing it then please contact me.
I cannot recommend Pat to you more highly.

Burton Shipley Chair
Stellar Trust burton@isnz.corn

~ Stellar Trust - BURTON SHIPLEY

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It is with pleasure, as Mayor of Rotorua, I write this letter in support of the Pat Buckley `Amped 4 Life' Drug and Alcohol Education Sessions.
Over the past couple of years Pat has visited secondary schools throughout the Rotorua district, including Reporoa College and Te Kura o to Koutu.

During senior assembly he hosts a one hour presentation, which includes a realistic data show presentation with hard-hitting facts on the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Five modules are included in the presentation — which includes the topics about making positive choices, safe partying and the dangers of methamphetamine, marijuana and party pills.
With the availability and use of drugs becoming more prevalent in our society it is vital that youth are made aware of the detrimental effects that drugs have on their health and wellbeing. Pat's presentation is both informative and easy for the students to relate to and leaves them in no doubt of the damaging effects illegal substances could have on them for the rest of their lives.
By the end of 2011 the aim is to have every 13 — 17 year old student from Rotorua secondary schools educated by Pat Buckley and `Amped 4 Life'.
I strongly support this application for funding as I believe that Pat Buckley `Amped 4 Life' Drug and Alcohol Education Sessions play a significant role in the health and well-being of Rotorua's youth and therefore trust the application is given favourable consideration.

~ Mayor of Rotorua - Kevin Winters

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We would like to genuinely thank you for the incredible presentation you gave to our young people and their parents on Thursday evening 11th May 2017. The authenticity of your own journey and experience not only engages your audience but it also provides a powerful platform of real lived reality from which to draw examples and to speak into the lives of those who are listening. As a communicator you cross generations, life experiences and connect with ease. Your presentation is not nicely manicured, it is the truth, real and raw, confronting and challenging and gives very clear indication of the power of choice and consequences of actions. Throughout the evening you managed to interweave humour and to punch home a point in a very skilful way.

For us as parents you inform us of realities we may well be naïve about and alert and equip us to be the parents we need to be-those who will fight for and protect our children because we love them. Their friends DO matter, who they associate with and where they are counts and we have a responsibility to be the parents and have the kind of strength and courage to stand up for our children. We therefore benefit from being better equipped to understand the challenges that exist in the culture they are surrounded by-one in which the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol is prevalent. No longer can we bury our heads in the sand and being armed and amped 4 life gives young people and their parents greater tools with which to approach growing healthy young people, family, community and ultimately our nation of Aotearoa.

Please send your invoice to our lovely PTA Chair Rebecca Shrimpton - rebeccashrimpton@gmail.com and she will ensure it will be paid. We trust this email is sufficient for your feedback requirements, please do let me know if you require a hard-copy letter.

Pat, we cannot possibly thank you enough for the time, preparation and your expertise. We only wish that we had an extra 100 people there to hear what you had to say. An opportunity to hear you shouldn’t be missed! Thank you for investing in our small community here at Chapman College and for being committed to the holistic well-being of individuals who are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made to live life to the fullest! Go you!

With our love and thanks

Hazel Warnes and your Chapman College whanau

~ Chapman School May 11 2017

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RE: Pat Buckley (Amped4life) presentation at Middleton Grange

On 17th March, 2017, Pat Buckley came and presented a seminar to our yr 10 cohort on ‘Making choices’.

The context was around the use and abuse of alcohol. The seminar lasted 47mins and the pupils were very appreciative of what he had to say.

What was key for them was that Pat was very relatable and spoke from personal experience. This enabled the pupils to be challenged as to what causes them to make the decisions they do and to think through the consequences of those decisions.

The pupils certainly went away from the seminar thinking more deeply about the effects of alcohol in society. As we are going through a decision-making unit on alcohol at present, it coincided well with our program and there has been comments from other teachers mentioning about how well engaged the pupils are engaged in discussion and referring back to ideas that Pat raised with them in the seminar.

As a department, we thoroughly appreciated Pat’s input into the lives of our pupils and would have no hesitation in having Pat come back to present to our yr 10 cohort next year.


Andrew O'Neil[Curriculum Leader PE & Health]

~ Middleton Grange Yr 10 Assembly

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24th November 13

To Whom It May Concern
Pat Buckley was contracted by ACC, while I was the Programme Manager for Forestry, to give a series of presentations to the forestry sector including presentations at the Safe Start breakfasts run by various forest owners.
I only attended the Dunedin event, which was given to a mixture of crews from Wenita, City Forests, PF Olsen and Ernslaw One. Pat gave an interesting and engaging presentation to the forestry crews that were attending the Dunedin event, talking about drug and alcohol abuse, and colouring the presentation with examples he has witnessed during his work.
Pat seemed to strike a chord with many of those assembled, and after the event many of those present approached Pat and discussed personal matters with him or offered him congratulations on his presentation.
If you need any further information regarding the presentations that Pat gave, please feel free to give me a call.
Don Ramsay

~ iSAFETY NZ -Don Ramsay November 2013

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Re: Pat Buckley, Amped4Life.

August was an exciting month for Te Aratika Drilling as we launched our first week long campaign in the Hawkes Bay to "Be the change and do the right thing,” to take a stand against drugs.
Pat Buckley was our guest speaker throughout each event and addressed the schools, community and industry.
His message was visibly impacting to all those who attended, his testimony was powerfully honest and there was an immediate response across the board from individuals wanting to be the change.
Pat has an important message that needs to be heard and we support him wholeheartedly in this kaupapa.
He is, Amped 4 Life!

He mihi nunui ki a koe Pat.
Na Ronnie Rochel (Director) & The Team at Te Aratika Drilling

~ - Te Aratika Drilling Ltd

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To Whom It May Concern: PAT BUCKLEY - Amped4Life Industry Presentation
On Monday 12th January 2009 forestry contractors from both Wenita Forest Products and City Forests Limited gathered to hear a presentation from Pat Buckley (Amped4Life). I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Buckley for taking the time to make this presentation. Mr Buckley was asked to speak about his experiences at the Wenita/City Forest annual "Safe Start Breakfast". The return to work from Christmas holidays is traditionally a dangerous period when serious accidents occur. Therefore, forestry companies in many regions hold a breakfast on the first day of work and discuss safety issues. Our theme for this breakfast was eliminating the impact of drugs and alcohol from our workplace.
Mr Buckley was asked to present to 180 men at 6.30 in the morning of the first day of work for the year. This was not an easy time of day to capture and hold the attention of this target audience. However, the feedback from the meeting was outstanding. Many contractors commented that the speaker (Mr Buckley) was the highlight of the breakfast.
Pat's presentation has greatly assisted Wenita in stimulating discussion around the issues of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. This has been a very proactive and valuable exercise for us.
Finally, I genuinely doubt there are many people who could have delivered the message as effectively as Pat. We are very grateful for his time and resources.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

~ - Wenita Forest Products

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Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2007
From: Nicolaas Steens — Quality and Health & Safety Manager (National) Subject: Safe Start Up 2007
Dear Pat, First, let me apologise for the tardiness of this note. It was fantastic to have you along at our recent Safe Start Up 2007 event and listen to your experiences — these stood out as being sincere, down-to-earth and balanced. Your subject material was very well developed and had a tremendous impact on our audience. There were many favourable comments received after the meeting and in the days that followed — so thank you for helping to make our safety meeting such a success.
As a result, we have taken the opportunity to recommend your presentation to a number of our fellow forest companies keen to make an impact upon work place drug and alcohol misuse.
We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your work to all those considering you for their next event.

~ - P.F Ohlsen

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Sequal Lumber is a Sawmill based in Kawerau that employs fifty plus people. As a part of enhancing our company culture; and improve safety and productivity through the rollout of our drug and alcohol policy, we invited Pat to speak to our entire team. Any misgivings staff may have had about attending a one-hour drug and alcohol presentation were quickly dismissed as Pat launched into a professional, edgy, real, from personal experience presentation. Opening the door on an often taboo subject the teams body language quickly moved from arms folded to intent listening and engagement. Pat quickly moved to where the rubber meets the road in terms of drug and alcohol use and abuse. In an intensely personal, sometimes tragic and shocking style mixed with a sharp wit and humour he had our full attention. Feedback from the team after the presentation was only positive. Beginning this conversation about an extremely sensitive and difficult issue has opened the door for further discussion and follow up. Any company that values respect and is serious about tackling the real issues of drug and alcohol abuse should include Amped4Life in any such initiative.

Ian McBride - HR, Safety and Compliance Manager-Sequal Lumber Ltd

~ Sequal Lumber Kawerau - July 2015 - Sequal Lumber Kawerau

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Re; Pat Buckley - Amped4Life Drug & Alcohol Presentation for Ribbonwood Logging
I have twice been audience to presentations made by Pat on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. On both occasions he has impressed me with his enthusiastic and passionate message. lie is a groomed presenter with authentic material that hits the mark with his target audience. Pat's past personal experiences, which he is quite open about, reinforces the credibility of his strong anti-drug message. I found Pat a pleasure to deal with in the lead up to his Ribbonwood Logging presentation. During this time, Pat assisted me on various matters consulted with.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Pat, who operates under the AMPED4LIFE logo, as a Drug and Alcohol speaker. He is articulate and knowledgeable, professional and authentic in his delivery.
I will happily answer any queries the reader may have of me and can be contacted on mob ; 027 662 1086 or office landline above.

~ - Ribbonwood Forest Harvesting Contractors

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I am writing in support of Pat Buckley and his company The Amped Group. I have met Pat during the launch of Ernslaw One Ltd, Random Alcohol & Drug testing policy. Pat has travel to each Ernslaw One Region throughout New Zealand and has given a very thought provoking presentations on alcohol and drug use, His presentation contained very helpful information which supported the Companies position on Drug and Alcohol in the workplace
Pat fully engaged our audiences, with a powerful combination of stories, his own experience, video clips, and facts about alcohol and drug abuse.
We appreciate the effort that Pat has put into developing his presentation and find them of a high standard.
As an H & S Consultant & Trainer & Assessor I visit about 30 companies a year, and would hold Pat as one of the top presenters of Drug and Alcohol awareness that I have been involved with.
I would like to wish Pat all the best for the future and already have plans for his next trip which we hope will be a mixture of Schools and Workplaces
Neil Thomas

~ FORESTSAFE - FORESTSAFE Health & safety Training

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Pat Buckley is the Founder and Managing Director of the Amped4Life Trust formed in 2002. Amped4Life is a non-profit organisation that was formed to help bring insight and understanding to teenagers about the dangers of substance abuse and the importance of making good choices. Pat is passionate about his subject content and speaks from the heart and a lifetime of experience. He addresses thousands of young people across New Zealand, challenging them to reflect on their own choices and implement change where it is needed. He brings credible and powerful examples of the full implications of bad decisions and desires to empower the individual to take ownership for their choices and mistakes, to learn from them and to grow through them. Pat imparts critical life skills and tools to help them on their journey and transition from childhood to adulthood. Pat is a dynamic and powerful speaker with an authentic message which drives home the reality -” your life can change with one bad choice”.

The New Zealander of the Year Awards are a celebration of New Zealand and New Zealanders. It is our opportunity to recognise the diverse talents and achievements of our people by seeking out their positive contributions to economic, social, cultural and environmental issues. When I look around our country I am impressed by the involvement and commitment many New Zealanders of all ages and backgrounds are making to the development of our nation. The nominations in all categories of the New Zealander of the Year Awards have impressed upon me the importance of community and show me that community spirit and national pride remain as strong binding forces that bring us together as New Zealanders.
The New Zealander of the Year Awards give us the opportunity to say thank you and give encouragement to those individuals and community groups, nominated or not, for their dedication and contributions to New Zealand. I thank the sponsors for their support and congratulate all our nominees and wish them the best for their continued success in the future –Rt. Hon. James B Bolger, ONZ.

~ Pat Buckley - 2012 Kiwibank Local Heroes Medal Recipient -Pat Buckley of Auckland

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16th November 2016

To whom it may concern,

Sir Paul Holmes and I employed Pat Buckley as part of the Stellar Trust’s drug education programme between 2009 and 2011.

The Stellar Trust was a charity set up to combat the spread of the drug, methamphetamine or “P”, which had entrapped Sir Paul’s daughter, Millie.

Pat was deployed by the Stellar Trust to give presentations in secondary schools and proved extremely popular.

Pat is a recovered addict who has developed a powerful and compelling presentation based on his personal experiences and those of the many people he has counselled over many years.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Pat to any potential employer.

He is committed, hard-working and passionate about his cause.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Williams
NZ Howard League

~ Mike Williams-CEO - Howard League for Penal Reform

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To whom it may concern,

Kaiapoi High School recently hosted Pat Buckley from Amped 4 Life to present to our
students about ‘choices’. The messages form Pat was one of real experience and had
a big focus on drug and alcohol use.

Our staff that were present spoke highly of the presentation and the impact that Pat
had on the students was evident. One of the strengths of a good presentation is the response from students afterwards. Our students spoke positive about Pat and the way he presented and how he was able to get his message across.

We would happily welcome Pat back into our school in the future.

Ngā mihi nui,
Chris Foster-Teacher in charge of Health
Totara Dean-Teacher of Health and Physical Education


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