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Amped4life was registered as a Charitable Trust in September 2002 . Amped was formed to be a proactive part in our communities fight against drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. It is here to help our young people to make informed and wise choices for life.

Amped4Life continues to reach out to High Schools and community groups throughout the country. For more than 21 years, Amped4Life has supported Schools, Industry and Community to deal with substance use and addiction problems. Programs for children and youth are an essential component of our addictions services. Amped4Life works in collaboration with schools to deliver specialized services that reflect the needs of the community and the experience of children and youth. Together, New Zealand schools and Amped4Life can help students discover and extend their own capabilities, as well as develop supportive relationships and healthy environments.

Amped4Life Substance use prevention presentations in the classroom are intended to provide teachers with a framework to build on and reinforce the importance of good choices in relation to drug and alcohol use and abuse.

Amped4Life desires to sow life, build resilience and create a healthy sense of self esteem with our rangatahi (youth) and challenge them to aspire for greatness in all aspects of life. Amped4Life delivers a message that realistically and graphically communicates the risks of Drug & Alcohol Use and abuse.

Amped4Life believe that the health, safety and economic harms of recreational marijuana use are far more dangerous than any of the social benefits the drug derives. We are parents,  drug prevention professionals, business owners, first responders. Our communities should not be victims of the commercialization and normalization of marijuana. 

Amped4Life recognise our kids are vulnerable, so let us foster and model a culture that progresses mental health support, not easing access to  damaging substances. Our children are already victims to the vaping and tobacco industries. As parents and Kiwis,  let us not allow profit driven corporates  to threaten our kids health 

Amped4Life -will endeavour not to awaken curiosity or sensationalise drug use in any way but instead- give students enough information to them to raise awareness and the dangers  of illicit drugs and dangerous "At-Risk behaviours" 


  • Implement and facilitate drug education programmes for individuals, families, groups or organisations.
  • Preparing effective resources to develop understanding of related issues and how to respond to the problems associated with drugs, alcohol abuse, and substance addiction.
  • Provide personalized support.
  • Encourage positive, healthy and responsible life style choices .
  • Provide comprehensive and coordinated approaches that include prevention, education, and treatment in addressing issues regarding alcohol and substance abuse
  • Support efforts to prevent availability and use of recreational drugs, and oppose policies and programs that accept drug use based erroneously on reduction or minimization of harm.
  • Boldly advocate the criminalization of drugs like “P” methamphetamine and synthetic cannabis products.



  • We understand the dignity and worthy of each individual and our services will always demonstrate honour, respect and love regardless of race, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or political affiliations.
  • We are convinced that life is sacred and an integrated whole. Therefore our programmes will be a balance of the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional information to nurture overall growth of the individual.
  • “Tell it as it is” by use of real testimonies of people who have suffered drug/alcohol/substance abuse.
  • Inform factually from proven research.
  • Our programmes will be positive and will provide HOPE and encouragement.
  • We will stand alongside the suffering and the hurting to provide genuine support.
  • We will run short punchy seminars full of humour; meaningful information and offer realistic answers to real issues.



  • Support comprehensive and coordinated approaches that include prevention, education, and treatment in addressing issues regarding alcohol and other drugs.
  • Support efforts to halt the legalization/decriminalization of drugs.
  • To deliver a real and relevant message throughout all high schools in New Zealand.
  • To develop a series of DVD’s as a resource for schools.
  • Partner with high schools and community groups with ongoing drug education and support.
  • To reinforce to young people that they are unique and deserve every opportunity to succeed in life.
  • To educate, equip & empower young people with the tools and skills they need to make healthy and informed choices for life.



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