School Programmes

  • One to One Counselling.
  • Board of Trustees Drug Referrals.
  • Educate and Equip Staff and help identify Drug use in the classroom.
  • Work together with teachers in Health Curriculum.
  • Classroom Presentations.
  • Mentoring / Coaching.
  • Full Assemblies.
  • Follow up with At Risk Students.
  • Drug testing in Schools (ESR).

Amped4Life Program Modules for Schools


Amped4Life substance use prevention presentations in the classroom are intended to provide teachers with a framework to build on and reinforce the importance of good choices in relation to drug and alcohol use and abuse

Destination by Dezign

A seminar which confronts teens on the massive impact of choice


A module which helps prepare teenagers with common sense tips for partying

Meth is Death

An educational journey into the insidious and powerful drug of "P" methamphetamine

Cannabis/Synthetic Weed/Vaping

A module  which gives an insight into the much understated and normalized drug " Cannabis" and  "synthetic" weed. This session also provides educational information regarding vaping and strategies on how to quit 

I have a Dream

A module which empowers the listener to purposely and strategically prepare for their future using practical advice.


Psychology and Addiction

A module which bring understanding of the factors which drive addiction and provide solutions to creating new pathways and patterns of behaviour

Supporting best practice in addictions

Prevention and early intervention requires programs to be based on accurate information

Comprehensive and of sufficient duration

Delivered at a time when the content is relevant to students

Timed to anticipate important transitions such as puberty and adolescence

Focused on the strengths and skills of people

Designed to teach and give opportunities for practicing life skills

Amped4Life Learning Outcomes & Strategies

Amped4Life presentations help students develop skills and gain insights to help them avoid the pitfalls and issues with alcohol & other drugs and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

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